About us

Who We Are

Our field research has demonstrated that immigrants face difficulties not limited to access to work and income. The language barrier and cultural difference, prejudice and gender disparity make the condition of vulnerability last for generations.

ARCA provides an inclusive immersion journey for Latino women who come to Brazil in search of better living conditions. For six months, they are integrated into the local ecosystem, receive qualification in photography and, at the end, are paid for the production and sale of images offered on our digital channels.

What We Do

ARCA trains and enables migrant women to express themselves through fine art photography. The work, guided by the women’s creative freedom, results in a special set of curated wall framings developed in the south of Brazil.

In this first collection “CASA”, the photographers welcome you to see their everyday life. Rituals
of belonging, cultural exchange and meaningful moments are captured to connect us to our human essence of belonging, acceptance, and hope.

How We See The World

We would like to amplify the voices of people who are usually not seen in our society. ARCA opens the possibility for you to connect with them, who are financially rewarded to learn and produce
the photos. By buying ARCA, you become part of a community of supporters and changemakers passionate about social transformation.

The Photographers


from Cuba


from Venezuela


from Cuba


from Haiti


from Haiti


from Venezuela

Our Team

Bruni H. Conte

Co-Founder, Commercial and Customer Development
MA in Social Entrepreneurship @ University of London
BA in Business and IT @ PUCRS/BR

Fabiane da Cruz

Co-Founder, Business Development and Impact Strategy
PhD Candidate @ University of Westminster
MA in Social Entrepreneurship @ University of London

Lara Machado

Co-Founder, Curator and Designer
Post Graduate Certificate in Social Innovation Management @ Amani Institute (ongoing)
MA Curating Contemporary Design @ Kingston University